Acceptable Usage Policy


Your space on our servers must not be used for unlawful purposes. This includes and is not limited to: pirated software, warez sites, irc bots, spamming scripts. MrGigabit has final say on what is allowed on the server.


Web Hosting accounts are not to be used for spamming, mail bombing and/or any other illegal activities through use of our mail servers. Any client found doing this will have their account terminated until an audit has been completed, and may result in indefinite termination. The SMTP relay will only allow sending of emails with a "from" address registered on the server as a POP3 account.

Server Abuse

Web Hosting accounts found to be using large quantities of cpu/memory will be looked into to find the cause, and if necessary the domain will be disabled. This will usually only happen if a deliberate attempt was made to crash the server or any part of it (such as MySQL). Excessive usage of MySQL may result in a database query limit being placed on your account. If your site starts to consume many server resources out of popularity, we will work with you to find an appropriate solution. It may be something simple like a missing MySQL index, or a poorly constructed section of PHP code, in which case we will work with you to fix the code (there will be no charge for small fixes, however large amounts of optimisation may be chargeable).

Network Abuse

Attempting to use scripts, or any other means to access other servers (which may or may not be owned by MrGigabit) that you do not have permission to use is forbidden.

Bandwidth Usage

FTP accounts have a hard lock on the data transferred. Web accounts do not, however we are informed when an account goes over its limit, and if the account has gone well over the limit, we will suspend the domain pending communication with the account owner.


We cannot guarantee 100% uptime, as server patches need to be applied every few weeks. However, it only takes about 30 seconds to reboot a server. If we expect longer outages, you will be informed in advance.