FTP Hosting

Our FTP plan is designed for anyone who needs FTP space without any other hosting requirements. We offer from just 10 GB of space with 100 GB of data transfer for £10/year up to many GBs of space with TBs of data transfer. You can choose exactly what you need us to provide.

Connection Options

  • You can connect directly to the IP of the server you are on
  • OR
  • Your own domain name can be pointed to the IP we provide

    You will be able to choose the username and password you want for read and write access, and optionally another username and password for read-only access.

    Anonymous access is not possible without a dedicated IP address - Contact us if this is something you require.


    Package Disk Space Data Transfer Yearly Cost (£)
    1 10 GB 100 GB 10
    2 20 GB 500 GB 20
    3 100 GB 1000 GB 40

    Whether you know what you're after or aren't quite sure, contact us and we'll be happy to help!