BitTorrent Download Service

Our first plan is designed for the majority of people who have poor upload speeds. This is because if you are attempting to download a file with a poor upload speed, other peers will not send a lot of data to you unless you send data to them. So on a torrent that is not well seeded (ie, people who have finished the file and are uploading only), you are put at the bottom of the queue to recieve data. So your download takes a long time!

Our servers can upload and download using at least 100 Mbit of bandwidth, so we download files very fast because we send data to other peers very fast.

Another popular reason for this plan is for people who can't use P2P services for whatever reason (college, uni, work?) but who can use FTP!

What we offer is for us to download the file for you, then you can download the file via FTP, for a small fee.

We charge just £0.30 for every 1 GB you need downloaded!


BitTorrent Upload Service

Our second plan is designed for people who use private torrent sites that insist you maintain a good upload/download ratio.

Failing to keep a good ratio often results in being forced to wait to be able to download the newest files, or in some cases having your account deleted!

This plan is also suitable for those who are using BitTorrent to distribute a file of their own and require some help in initialising the seeding process.

For a small fee, we will download the file(s) from the torrent site(s) you specify. We then keep seeding those files using our high-speed servers until we have uploaded the amount you requested.

Note: This is NOT a form of cheating, we are merely uploading the file for you. However, some sites place restrictions on seeding from multiple locations - contact the administrator for your site if in doubt.

We charge just £0.30 for every 1 GB you need uploaded!